Kherson Flour Mill provides partners the following services:

  • Transshipment services for grains and oilseeds
  • Service granulated wheat bran, with the possibility of further handling

Херсонский КХПNikolian Flour Mill services in storage of grain, oilseeds.

Kopanian Flour Mill services for the storage of grain, oilseeds, has the ability to ship products in bulk containers or pre-bagging implement it.

Kherson Flour Mill services for handling, including the acceptance of all types of transport, accumulation games during the month, the shipping party formed in the vessel of the customer.

Power granulator is 240 tons per day. Acceptance by road, by agreement with the customer acceptance of possible alluvial bran rail.

Information about prices of the services provided can be obtained by contacting the sales Department of business and logistics.

Херсонский комбинат хлебопродуктов