Information about the Company

USREOU code 00952367

Full name - KHERSONS'KYI Bakery, PAO

Abbreviated name HKHP

Registered address 73024 Kherson, street. Port Elevator, 5

Director - Victor Koval - Chairman of the Board

Territory code for KOATUU


Guardian, which serves the issuer

Depository, which serves the issuer

State registration:
Certificate of state registration number 00952367
-the date of registration (re-registration) - 25 p travnya 1998
-Body - Hersonskim mіskvikonkomom

Type of economic activity:
code for KVED

production of cereals
Manufacture of grain mill products
Other wholesale
Canteens and delivery of prepared food

Securities (CB)
ISIN code
Type CB
Par value (USD)

The authorized capital (UAH)

Number of CPU (pc)

Contact Information
+38 (0552) 410036
+38 (0552) 491076
+38 (0552) 423309

Fax: +38 (0552) 423308