History Khersonskiy Combinat Khleboproductov

The Kherson port elevatorThe Kherson port elevator - the firstborn of the first five-year period the Soviet era. In southern Ukraine, he - a symbol Dneproges, Magnitogorsk, Turksib. Its construction in 1931 - 1932 years and now it is surprising in many of our contemporaries.

Elevator is located on the site of the stocks where once built the first ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. A windmill stands on the site of a former sawmill, where the finished products for shipbuilding. Since that time has passed more than 200 years, but even now, during the ground works here are the remains of the original production of the domestic fleet.

In the construction of the elevator was attended by about 2,000 people living in the six barracks for 300 people or more.
Original record was set: 28 days concreted all 66 silo. Such a pace in those years did not know on any construction world.
May 1, 1932 elevator commissioned.

The structure 66 includes a housing silo round silo arranged in six rows, each silo 11. Silo diameter - 5.34 m, capacity - 500 tons. Between round silos located 50 "stars" a 125 ton each.

Reception of railway grain is conducted simultaneously with two ruts. Each of them has six acceptance for unloading grain silos having a capacity - 300 tons.

For receiving grain from vehicles on the elevator was built a special device for six passages. Each set of 20-ton ladle scales under which located hopper capacity of 150 tons. In those years the car also unloaded manually. In 1950 there used paired mechanical shovels. In 1955, instead of paired spades was established four stationary car lift.

Receiving water transport grain from happening no less interesting way. First, unloading it from the barges to the room of the elevator by means of two pneumatic floating cranes with capacity of 100 tons per hour. But in 1941, when the war began, one reloader towed to the Georgian city of Poti and the other undermined and sunk in Kherson to the Nazis were not able to export our bread.

After the war had to build additional capacity for receiving and storing grain, because grain production in the region has increased significantly. It was a concrete structure mechanized ten thousand tons of grain.

And the most important object, which was built in the postwar years, has become a mill. In 1949, she was granted the first flour. Then mill produces 70 tons daily monosort grinding flour and 30 tons of wallpaper milled. Later, due to reconstruction, the mill is fully translated into high-quality grinding and in 1953 it was already the daily output of 160 tons of milled grain. Reconstruction carried out in 1958, provided an opportunity to increase the performance of the mill to 220 tons a day. Then the scheme was introduced 3-sortable grinding and milling section translated into pneumatic transport. In 1970, at the expense of another reconstruction grinding capacity increased to 375 tons milled grain per day.

The structure of our production has been continuously improved and deepened. For 60 years port elevator was part of the Ministry of blanks, and our mill number 7 to the trust mills. Order of the Minister of Ukraine № 715 blanks from 30.12.1961, the organized one company, which was called "Kherson Bread Factory".

In 1988 there was another consolidation company. Its members came Kopanskii elevator and bakeries REALBAZA Nikolsky hlebopriemnoe paragraph.
Thanks to the latest reconstruction of the mill, held in 1988, completely replaced outdated equipment with modern and proizvoditelnje manufactured under license from world famous firm "Buhler". Cutochnaya grinding capacity is 405 tons already with the selection of high-grade flour to 75%.

In 1996, for receiving grain from water transport grain reloader set «Portalino» world-famous company «Buhler» (Switzerland), capacity of 300 t / h; size 6.4 m portal

With the introduction in 2001 of a new metal silo housing company «BROCK» (USA) with a capacity of 46.6 tons, elevators and storage capacity plant for storage of agricultural products amounted to 96.6 thousand tons.

In 2004, for undermining the basis of conditions of grain to use modern technological equipment for cleaning wheat TAS-204A4 company «Schmidt Seeger» capacity of 160 tons / hour.

In 2006, grain drying unit installed STH6-14/2 of the company «Schmidt Seeger» performance Wheat 45.0 t / h. Originally zernosushilka worked on diesel fuel, and in 2013 transferred to the gas, thus improving the quality of grain drying and significantly reduce emissions.

In 2010, commissioned cargo handling complex, which includes a gallery with transport equipment for shipment of grain to water transport, unloading grain with water transport, loading machine grain PMZ-1000, hopper scales electronic VBE-500.

Performance line grain shipments to water transport is 1000 t / h for crops (two belt conveyors 500 t / h), 420 t / h - for oilseeds. Performance Machine PMZ-1000 is 1000 t / h.

Performance line unloading grain with water transport is 300 t / h for crops.

In 1999 Patch pot-holes separation mill has an automatic packing line flour in polypropylene bags of 25 kg and 50 kg firm «Paglierani» (Italy). Performance of the automated line 600 bags per hour, weight accuracy ± 0,03%. Also the equipment for transporting bags to railcars and storage of finished products.

In 2002 the department Patch pot-holes mill has an automatic packing line flour in paper bags of 1 kg and 3 kg firm «Paglierani» (Italy).
Performance line packing 1 kg packets is 2.22 t / h, 3 kg bags - 3.24 tons / hour.

Bags of flour packed in polyethylene politizatorom that ensures their safety and ease of transport.

In 2005, the department commissioned granulation loose bran with four lines granulation equipment company «AS« TMS »(Czech Republic). It is technologically linked to the mill shop. Making pellets provides quality safety bran, increases capacity in cars, ships, motor vehicles, which reduces transportation costs.

Nameplate capacity of one line granulation equipment is 4 tons / hour. Three lines of work, one line replacement. Removable performance department granulation bran 120 tons / shift, which corresponds to the daily development of the bran from the mill.

Team Kherson plant bakeries repeatedly emerged victorious socialist competition among the enterprises of the Ministry of Kherson and blanks USSR and the USSR. Combine awarded for perpetual storage flag CPSU Central Committee, the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of the USSR Council of Ministers, and VTSRPS Komsomol Central Committee on the results of work in 1973.