Grain storage Kherson Flour Mill

Херсонский комбинат хлебопродуктовUniversal high-tech elevator equipment allows simultaneous acceptance and shipment by road, water, rail transport modes.

Weighing at acceptance or dispatch of crops is done by using electronic scales that are integrated into an automated management and reporting system based on complex accounting "1C company". This allows you to exclude the human factor on the credentials of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of crops.

Transshipment of the elevator are about 800,000 tons per year.

Capacity of reinforced concrete silo shell is 40,000 tons.

Херсонский комбинат хлебопродуктов

With the introduction of the new housing in a metal silo performed by American firm "Brock", the services offered elevator storage capacity of more than 100 tons.

Performance of elevator equipment is 500 tons / h. We are planning to increase the performance of the equipment up to 1000 tons / h
Acceptance grain waterway performed by loader "Portalino" capacity of 300 tons / h

Power of acceptance from vehicles - up to 4000 tons per day;
Power of acceptance to the railway transport - to 2,500 tons per day.
Power for the shipment of grain in water transport - up to 1000 tons / hour

Херсонский комбинат хлебопродуктовKherson Bakery owns two structural units: Bread-receiving Nikolian unit and Bread-receiving Kopanian unit.

Nikolian BRU equipped outdoor warehouses with a total capacity of 12,000 tons.

Warehousing capacity Kopanian BRU 22000 tons.

Subdivisions provide services for the storage, processing, drying of grains and oilseeds.