PrJSC"Khersonskiy Kombinat Khleboproductov''

ПАО «Херсонский комбинат хлебопродуктов»Address:

73024, Ukraine, Kherson, 5 Port Elevator str.

Tel / fax: (0522) 42-33-09; 42-33-08
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The company is served by the Odessa railway station Kherson port. Station code is 418008.
PrJSC KHERSONSKIY KKhP includes the following production units:
1. Port elevator (first and second stages)
2. On-the-floor storage facilities
3. Flour mill factory
4. Bran pelleting section

Technological characteristics of the enterprise

Specified grain capacity - 112,600 tons, including I and II stages of the elevator – 86,600 tons, on-the-floor storage facilities – 26,000 tons;
Performance of  flour mill factory  (in grain) - 405 tons / day;
Performance of bran pelleting section - 16,0 t / h.

Main activities
  • grain receiving from road, rail and water transport;
  • grain cleaning, drying, storage, shipment  by road, rail and water transport;
  • production of high-quality bread wheat flour of premium and first grades, semolina and bran.
  • wheat bran pelleting

Port Elevator

Портовый элеватор Херсон

I  stage of the elevator (reinforced concrete building) was commissioned in 1932. II stage of the elevator (steel grain storage section ) was commissioned in 2001.
 Grain receiving from road transport is carried out through  truck unloader, 4 cars can be unloaded simultaneously.  Truck unloader capacity is maximum 60 tons.Grain receiving from water transport is carried out by grain-discharging plant "Portalino" of firm " Buhler " with capacity of 300 tons / hour. Grain loading to water transport is carried out by PMZ-1000 loader.

Grain receiving from rail transport is carried out through car unloader.
Weighing at  receiving, delivery of agricultural crops and their movement inside the elevator takes place using electronic scales, which readings are automatically entered into the 1C-Enterprise system, which eliminates the human factor impact in the accounting information on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of agricultural crops.


Berth № 8:

  • depth of approaches to berth - 7,5 m. (near the berth)
  • overall length of the berthing line - 80 m.

Berth № 9:

  • depth of approaches to berth - 7,5 m.
  • overall length of the berthing line - 170 m.

Berth № 10:

  • depth of approaches to berth - 2,7 m
  • overall length of the berthing line - 110 m.


Two-grades milling flour mill  was built in 1949. It is a six-storey building, has grain cleaning, milling sections and sack-filling plant . The mill is equipped with equipment manufactured under license of the Swiss firm “Buhler”, which allows producing high quality flour. Using a special line supplied by the Italian company “Poglierani”, the flour is packed up in polypropylene or paper bags according to all requirements of national and international standards.

Причалы ПАО «Херсонский КХП» Main technical characteristics of the mill:

Milling section performance - 405 tons per day.

Flour is packed up in bags of 50kg, 25kg, in packages weighing 1kg, 3kg.

Site of crumbled  bran pelleting.

Section of crumbled bran pelleting was commissioned in 2004. Unit performance with the installation of four equipment pelleting lines (TMS Group Pardubice as, Czech Republic) is 16 tons / hour.


Laboratory of  the enterprise (PTL)

Production and technological laboratory of PrJSC KHERSONSKIY KKhP  is equipped with the necessary modern devices (analyzer «FOSS», alveograph produced by Perten, a device for determining falling number  produced by Perten, glutomatic  produced by the same company, chromatograph "Kristall-2000M"), equipment, measurement instruments , has the necessary facilities (physical and chemical testing laboratory , analytical laboratory, gluten washing room, muffle room,     baking quality test room, sample preparation and storage room, sampling laboratory) for testing, it is staffed with skilled professionals.

Technological laboratory of PrJSC KHERSONSKIY KKhP is certified by Ukrainian Centre for Standardization and Certification " Ukragrostandardcertification " is qualified for testing agricultural products in  specified area. It controls  receiving, storage, shipment of grain and grain-processed products, processes of production of wheat flour, semolina, bran  pelleting. Certificate of Attestation  No. A12-062 as of 13.04.2012.